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You would at least expect to be able to adjust lights with a couple of simple clicks through your phone.

You would at least expect to be able to adjust lights with a couple of simple clicks through your phone.

This new software saves time and effort by eliminating reentry of area trees, load schedules and panel equipment.

And now, system upgrades will be done quicker, making the system more affordable for homeowners and more profitable for dealers.

Installers for us are 200miles away and are too busy to really do followup work.

They will charge you for an install and will leave service calls (despite being expensive) for last tier on their priority list.

Using the app you can also make changes to your keypad buttons and schedules.

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Here are some videos that explain these features: (These videos support both Radio RA 2 and Home Works QS systems).Control your home's lights, shades, temperature, keypads, and more with your i Phone and i Pad.This app requires a Lutron total home control system (Radio RA® 2 or Home Works® QS) programmed using the appropriate version of design and programming software along with the Lutron Connect Bridge.*Features: Control from anywhere Control lights, shades, temperature, keypads, and more in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – set your home to a comfortable temperature when returning from a trip, ensure lights aren't left on and shades aren't left open while you're away.Right on schedule Schedule scenes to happen automatically at set times of day, or based on sunrise and sunset.Turn on your porch light at dusk, turn it off at dawn, or open your shades in the morning to wake up with the sun.Setting up a schedule is painful, I tried setting up 2 and I’m still not sure exactly what’s set up, how do I review, adjust, change, it’s really hard to visualize as you can never see everything in one place.Lutron - please take a look at the nest App or similar, think about a redesign because the App is a massive let down after investing in a quality system install.NO idea why you cant make shade group and shade scene changes on the app itself. I finally got everything working on alexa but can’t get scenes to connect to Home Kit.This is the MAIN reason i spent over k getting this new box installed.Lighting control pioneer Lutron Electronics is announcing the fourth quarter availability of several new products and software updates intended to simplify the design and installation of Lutron lighting and shade control systems while offering customers more flexible product choices.“Helping our dealers get on and off jobs quicker while offering their clients a high-quality product and installation experience is part of our first company principle – Take Care of the Customer,” said Lutron Vice-President and General Manager Ed Blair.


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