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They may not be able to provide the appropriate care for their child.According to CDC, children born out of teenage mothers tend to drop out of high school, get lower scores at school, suffer from health issues, unemployment and they are prone to be married early.

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Couples need to get to know each other better, and this takes time.

Rushing into a marriage, which may not last long does not appear the right thing to do.

I have thought of workarounds to all of them, and I’m not even married (let alone in a relationship).

For the sake of debate, here’s my opinion on how these don’t have to be a disadvantage, as there is surely a workaround to them all, as well as exceptions in some cases.

It might be attributed to the early tensions and stress the couple has to go through when their minds are not capable o taking them up. Often the young couples are immature to shoulder major responsibilities of life and end up fighting with each other.

Adjustment problems may arise primarily after childbirth, which could be either financial or responsibility.

Again, this is speaking from experience, as I know many couples in their twenties (or teens), and they all have shouldered the responsibility, and all have the maturity to handle marriage with respect, understanding what it means. Then again, a couple can agree to marry after their education is finished and they have a steady career.

I haven’t found a relationship yet, and I’m still yet to finish another degree, which I plan on starting next year.

About 50% of the women who are pregnant in their teens only complete their high school education in the USA whereas 90% of women complete it who never got pregnant in their teens. Since their education levels are low, they cannot get highly paid jobs.

Also, since most are not able to complete even their high school education, they have to settle with menial jobs which are often not well paid. Their knowledge of child care may be limited, and parental guidance is also not there.


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