Math Problem Solving Checklist

It can be very frustrating without the help of skilled math teachers to guide students with probing questions toward math problem-solving.Individual guidance to take them through a critical thinking process is key to helping them synthesize the necessary math skills needed to be successful in their approach to problem-solving.As the students use trial and error attempts, they will refine their OWN understanding of the solution(s) to implement their OWN math plan with confidence.

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Keep in mind that there are endless ways of using these strategic approaches individually or in combination.

A very brief description of each is listed below: As a math teacher, remind the students that mistakes and errors may still occur.

Have they made it their own plan and taken responsibility to complete the problem successfully?

Do they plan to work themselves to get the understanding to achieve the answer? The students can develop their plan by using some of these strategies.

Reflection, throughout the math problem(s) process, is ongoing.

It develops and builds a 'math toolbox.' The students would be able to look inside their math toolbox and select the plan(s) that would be best to approach those math problems.

This is a focussed diagnostic tool listing performance criteria, which can be used to chart student progress over time.

It can list actions, descriptions, skills, concepts, processes, and/or attitudes that a teacher checks off as he or she observes them.

Tell the students that mistakes and errors may occur and that it is part of the learning process.

They should continue to work in pairs and/or small groups to share, explain, and discuss the strategies that they find to effectively solve the problem.


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