Math Story Problems 4th Grade

Math Story Problems 4th Grade-58
Students must choose the operation—multiplication, division, subtraction, or addition—to solve each problem in this math worksheet.

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Students will practice multiplying by three-digit and four-digit numbers.

This worksheet gives students practice subtracting decimals in money and units of measure through a mix of vertical subtraction, horizontal subtraction, and word problems.

Reinforce arithmetic and problem-solving skills with real-life word problems involving units of measure. As your students become more familiar with identifying operations for each equation the problems, like in this worksheet, become more complicated.

Students choose the operation—subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division—to solve each problem; they should be familiar with the metric system and the U. Test students' problem-solving skills with word problems involving mixed operations.

The bundles include three main sets with three sets inside of the main sets for a total of 180 word problems.

And the best parts are that the third set of each main set contains multi-step problems AND the sets are skill-based so you can ensure your students are only seeing word problems for skills you have taught. Click on your grade level to see the bundles: 4th Grade Word Problem of the Day BUNDLE 5th Grade Word Problem of the Day BUNDLE ***** How do you ensure you expose your students to word problems on a regular basis?

All of the word problems for the week are on one page.

I use the first month of school to really set the expectations and model for the students what I expect when they are solving word problems (read more about how we show the love with word problems here).

Many of the word problems in this math worksheet require students to perform inverse operations.

The word problems in this worksheet provide an opportunity for children to apply their multiplication skills to real-world problems.


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