Media Bias Essay

The article goes on to show pictures of the President walking alone on a snowy day looking burdened by the weight of the troubles the country faces being solely on his shoulders.

The story almost makes it look as though Obama is a sort of hero or valiant knight that is fighting against all odds for those he cares about, which in this case is the American people.

Currently, the nation is facing a difficult battle in planning the budget in relation to taxation and spending cuts, while trying to avoid a government shutdown.

All of the major news providers have run many different stories daily covering this event.

The purpose of the sample essay from Ultius is to discuss the bias presented in mainstream media.

Media bias is a very real occurrence in contemporary society.

Fox News has long been criticized as being very biased and unfairly right-winged dominated in its coverage.

Fox seems to give more coverage, to republican and tea party based issues.

The story goes on to show that the Republicans are the “bad guys” in this scenario by providing them with quotes that give the general tone of being disgruntled and unwilling to cooperate.

Some of the quotes in the story say things such as, “I’m damned tired of it,” or “I’m not interested in more revenue at this point,” .


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