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Some research also suggests that implanted chips are susceptible to security risks and increase the potential for identity theft given that it is relatively easy to hack a microchip implant.

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Initially, the chips are being used in place of ID cards as a way of opening secure doors.

But there’s good reason to think the use of implants could expand to more sinister purposes, giving employers much greater control over their workers and raising serious concerns over issues related to human dignity, ethics and health.

In 2013, a pharmacy company launched a controversial health-screening program that allegedly required employees to disclose personal information to their insurance provider and threatened to charge them US$600 a year if they refused.

This kind of pressure can mentally condition workers to think that constant monitoring is the way forward.

We’ve already seen how employers can use data ostensibly gathered for benign purposes to discriminate against workers.

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For example, personality tests designed to assess what job someone is most suited to have come under scrutiny for discriminating against people with mental health issues.

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The technology requires two physical components: readers and tags. Today, RFID chips are no longer limited in application to inanimate objects.

Businesses often do need some way to monitor employees to be sure they are completing their work and how much they should be paid.

But in recent years, we’ve seen some more extreme monitoring methods that push at the boundaries of personal privacy.


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