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She was always calm, patient, and even tempered when faced with people who were less than pleasant to be around.I learned from watching her deal with people that being nice never fails. I could always depend on her being there for me with the right words of advice.Now I would like to describe one of my best friends whose name is Petou.

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Even if I did try to lie to her, she knows me so well; she could tell I was lying.

She's the kind of person that I could never lie to.

For instance, when I don’t apprehend any lesson, he can explain me clearly and concisely. According to my observation, he easily understands the lessons when he reads or studies. To summarize, Petou is one of my best friends who has a good personality that make me more happy and interested in him.

Also, he has a great ability to help other friends and me.

Megan and I are always together; no matter where we are! We always go shopping together and she helps me pick out what and what not to buy! We also help each other with schoolwork, and family and friends problems.

She is the person who will help me when I am down, turn my frown upside-down, and make me feel better about myself. I love her more than anything and I would die for her.Good friends are very rare in these fast changing days. She is a wonderful person to go to if you need advice or some kind of guidance in life. I hardly ever spoke up or let myself be recognized. Old values have gone and new ones have not yet come. This is where my sister came and let me out of my shell. Jessica lived three houses down from me when I moved into a new neighborhood.That was one of many valuable lessons I learned from her and have made apart of my life. Anytime I had a perplexing question I knew she would know what to tell me. Everything from the textbook things they wanted me to learn in school, to the life lessons that there are no textbooks for. She showed me that it was just a waste of my time and energy getting mad, upset, angry or so irate that I allowed myself to be controlled by my emotions.My Best Friend Have you ever had someone in your life who helped you figure out who you were? Someone who was there right next you even if you did not take that path. She was one of those people who was friends with everybody.Someone who always seemed to be right, but never held it against you when you were not. She was friends with everyone because she was so special. She would be your friend, even if she just met you.Megan can tell if I'm lying even if I am keeping a straight face! We think so alike and its like were communicating with our minds!At the same time were always thinking the same thing or have the same idea.He is good at telling jokes, for he can create them on his own. In addition, he is a compassionate friend, who always helps other buddies when they have problem. He was one of the national outstanding students in 2009. Furthermore, He excels at every subject that makes me admire him very much.Since I have known him, I notice that he never fails the exams. In addition, he is killed at explaining the lessons.


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