Nonviolence And Peace Essays

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It can be achieved through collaborative efforts between families, colleagues, neighbours, classmates, governments and all other people in our world.

Everyone can be involved in creating a culture of peace; even if in a minor way, there can be a major impact.

Peace journalism needs to be promoted and people need to question what they see and hear from the media.

In North America, during the last several years, the media has begun to have greater impact on peoples way of thinking, especially children.

Intolerance can be to differences of race, religion, cultures and lifestyles. By educating children about different religions, races, cultures and lifestyles in our world we can help them to understand the similarities between everyone.

They will understand how insignificant these differences are, how they are not a reason for discrimination or prejudices. The media is a very influential source of information and learning.Although the Canadian government had made its commitment to the United Nations, after research, I have not yet discovered any formal government policies on peace education.Provincial school boards have worked toward the inclusion of peace education in school curriculums, for example, the province of Nova Scotia ahs integrated peace education into the social studies curriculum for certain grade levels.In the past, when technology was not readily available to children, these topics were not such regular occurrences in childrens lives.Now, the most common childrens hobbies are playing video games, watching television and movies, listening to music, and surfing the net, all of which often contain themes of violence.To be able to live a peaceful and non-violent life, an individual must first have their basic survival needs met. Alleviating the poverty of our people in our world is one of the first steps to creating a culture of peace and non-violence.For this to ever happen, it has to be a worldwide effort, however it can start with individuals and on a small scale.If everyone contributes a small amount of their time and resources to the cause of alleviating the poverty of others, there would be a drastic change in the number of impoverished people in our world.Another impediment to peace is intolerance of other people.New steps have to be taken to ensure that schools across Canada and in other countries include peace education into lesson plans and daily classroom activities.As educators of children we all have a role in teaching children about peaceful behaviour.


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