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Throughout “The Odyssey” one may make comments about the numerous faults they find in Odysseus’s character such as; his love of glory, and his abiding arrogance.However, nearing the end of the tale Odysseus does not immediately react violently upon the dreadful sight of the many suitors destroying the heart of his Penelope.

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After finding the palace of the goddess Circe the men were 3 welcomed into the palace by the goddess herself.

One man, Eurylochus, sensed danger and stayed hidden outside while the others ate and drank the pleasures provided by Circe.

Odysseus’s principle attribute is loyalty which the Greeks believe, is in belonging to a heroic figure.

Everyone deserves a second chance; learning from your mistakes provides evidence of your improving character.

Different cultures and ethnicities may have their own, unique definition of a hero.

Although the Greeks believed that such a principled individual is someone that people look up to, and a title such as this cannot be bestowed upon the ordinary.

With the help of the Messenger God Hermes, Odysseus managed to escape the magic of Circe and threatened her with his sword into changing his men back.

Taking responsibility for his men’s lives and sacrificing his own instead of running away from the danger is proof of his loyal character.

His loyalty provides reassurance to his wife 4 Penelope and his men that he will soon return home.

Odysseus shows his improving character by learning from his past mistakes to improve the future.


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