Olefin Metathesis Catalyst

These reactions provided insight into the carbonyl-olefin reaction mechanism.The reaction either proceeds via a carbocation intermediate or in a concerted fashion that involves metal coordination to Fe Cl.

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This reaction won’t occur without a catalyst, and since catalysts work in both directions, you’ll usually end up with a thermodynamic mixture of products.

In the above example, you’ll end up with 50% of the red/blue product and 25% each of the red/red and blue/blue compounds.

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has led to reactivity and selectivity levels that were previously inaccessible.

In general, they needed a catalyst that promotes [2 2] cycloaddition and [2 2] cyclorevrsion, does not promote side reactions such as polymerization or reforming reactants, and is chemoselective.

They decided to investigate metal-derived Lewis acids.

To date, no general protocol for catalytic carbonyl–olefin metathesis has been reported.

Here we demonstrate a catalytic carbonyl–olefin ring-closing metathesis reaction that uses iron, an Earth-abundant and environmentally benign transition metal, as a catalyst.

They also looked at the effects of incorporating a heteroatom, changing structural motifs, and changing the pendant isoprenyl group.

Overall, the Fe Cl catalyst showed remarkable versatility in the variety of reactions that were successfully completed.


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