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Attempting to respond to nonlinear open ranges was a fun challenge that differs from human games." —Seth Davies, professional poker player“I was really excited to get to play against the bot and saw it as a unique learning experience.

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Our results nevertheless show that a carefully constructed AI algorithm can reach superhuman performance outside of two-player zero-sum games."The most stimulating thing about playing against Pluribus was responding to its complex preflop strategies.

Unlike humans, Pluribus used multiple raise sizes preflop.

The Nash equilibrium is for all players to be spaced equally far apart along the ring, but there are infinitely many ways this can be accomplished.

If each player independently computes one of those equilibria, the joint strategy is unlikely to result in all players being spaced equally far apart along the ring.

This efficiency stands in stark contrast to other recent AI milestone projects, which required the equivalent of millions of dollars’ worth of computing resources to train.

These innovations have important implications beyond poker, because two-player zero-sum interactions (in which one player wins and one player loses) are common in recreational games, but they are very rare in real life.This twist has made poker resistant to AI techniques that produced breakthroughs in these other games.In recent years, new AI methods have been able to beat top humans in poker if there is only one opponent.These results are considered a decisive margin of victory by poker professionals.This is the first time an AI bot has proven capable of defeating top professionals in any major benchmark game that has more than two players (or two teams).He’s very good at extracting value out of his good hands.” —Chris Ferguson, WSOP champion “It is an absolute monster bluffer.I would say it’s a much more efficient bluffer than most humans.And that’s what makes it so difficult to play against.You're always in a situation with a ton of pressure that the AI is putting on you and you know it’s very likely it could be bluffing here.” —Jason Les, professional poker player "Whenever playing the bot, I feel like I pick up something new to incorporate into my game.Real-world scenarios — taking action on harmful content and dealing with cybersecurity challenges, as well as managing an online auction or navigating traffic — typically involve multiple actors and/or hidden information.Multi-player interactions pose serious theoretical and practical challenges to past AI techniques.


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