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Despite decades of research and technical assistance efforts by governments, development agencies and international NGOs, arsenic poisoning of rural populations through groundwater persists across large parts of Asia, in Africa and South America.This briefing looks at the reasons why the arsenic problem persists in many low-income countries and presents practical approaches to inform decision makers interested in creating a national plan to reduce and ultimately eradicate the problem.

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Match quality is negatively correlated with turnover, unrelated with exit, and increases with experience.

This paper provides the first estimates of worker-firm match quality using output data as opposed to inferring productivity from wages or employment durations.

Over the past five years, a total of 498 papers have been retracted over peer-review issues, according to the US blog Retraction Watch (papers can also be retracted for other reasons, but those papers aren’t included here).

The blog used the nationalities of corresponding authors to reach its tally, since they are responsible for paper submissions.

“I am confident that we capture most retractions for fake peer review,” said Oransky.

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China has the worst performance on peer-review integrity even when compared with the top five countries (see chart below) for scientific publishing in the last five years, using Nature Index, which tracks publications in nearly 70 journals as an indicator of a nation’s high-quality research output.Last month, over 100 papers from Chinese researchers published between 2012 to 2016 in Tumor Biology, a cancer-research journal, were linked to review fabrications. 15990 Issued in May 2010, Revised in February 2012 NBER Program(s): Children, Economics of Education, Labor Studies, Public Economics I investigate the importance of the match between teachers and schools for student achievement.Applying the principles and solutions presented here, affected countries and their international partners can set realistic timelines for reduction and eradication of arsenic contamination of drinking water.CITATIONS 0 READS 73 4 authors, including: Some of the authors of this publication are also working on these related projects: Developing the quality of local wool for better utilization in textile industries View project Bioremediation... Source waters can deliver reliable and high-quality water services for drinking and domestic use, livestock and ranching, irrigation, energy,... more Citation analysis of publications of Sergei A. Source Water Protection (SWP) has always been fundamental to water resources management.China frequently makes news for being at the forefront of peer-review scandals like this one and this one.And data appears to bear that out, showing China contributed well over half of the papers retracted for compromised peer review from 2012 to 2016, according to data obtained by Quartz.The breakdown by country below totals 502, reflecting papers counted twice because of corresponding authors with affiliations in multiple countries.While the blog’s co-founder Ivan Oransky notes that the list isn’t comprehensive, the blog does track scientific and medical publishing very closely, including with a researcher who “is constantly scanning those databases,” making the numbers a good indicator.


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