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In spite of having a boyfriend, I still consider my family as my priority as I adhere to the conservative values and practices that my family taught me.However, I make sure that my relationship is not taken for granted by maintaining compassion and sensibility to the needs of my partner.

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This paper presents my analysis of personal growth and development as I trace back the significant factors that influenced my personality.

Basically, I grew up in a loving nuclear family with high regard for Hispanic values and Catholic religious practices.

Through sharing a poignant moment in your life, you can show them how critically you assess your goals and character.

Explain what you value and how you aim to develop yourself so that colleges and universities can gain a good sense of whether you have what it takes to thrive as an independent person in the challenging diverse environment they have to offer.

Consequently, one turning point in my life that made a significant influence on my personality was the violation of rules in driving where I was a part of the incident during my teenage years.

One Saturday night, my friends and I went out to a party.Identify the college experience you hope will help you in this endeavor and how your growth will benefit your future community. Each word should focus on your personal development.Are you mature enough to make informed decisions and control your situation? However, her strict conservative personality sometimes poses a big challenge for me on how I deal with other people, especially in my personal relationship with my boyfriend.With this family, cultural, and religious background, I have developed to become a conservative person who is compassionate and sensible to the needs of others (qualities I acquired from my mother and for being a woman), yet responsible and firm in decision-making (influenced by my father and brothers), and with strong faith to God and high regard of respect to older people (religious and Hispanic cultural influences).It could be as simple as shopping at a grocery store in a foreign country for the first time or learning a new skill.In your first paragraph, you should (1) introduce the accomplishment, event or realization and (2) briefly explain why this moment was meaningful to you in terms of self-reflection and personal growth. Make sure you spend the time to critically think about the significance of the event or accomplishment you highlight.Avoid talking about grades and test scores unless you’re trying to show how you significantly improved or managed to do well despite some personal obstacles.The accomplishment also doesn’t have to be remarkable.In the next paragraphs, elaborate on the resulting intellectual and emotional journey. Why do you think you’re a better person because of the experience? Rather than describe the gritty details of the moment itself, explore how you’ve changed. What do you intend to do with this new understanding of who you are?Have or will you change your approach to newer experiences?


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