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Make sure to talk about what you learned from the challenge, detailing growth and maturity along the way.You may not have risen above the challenge yet, and may have even been defeated, or may be conquering it right now.University of California schools have their own application portal, and the deadline is November 30th, a full month before the Common Application is due.

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Here are some examples: and brought it as discussion material to your economics teacher’s office hours?

How do you plan to advance in your chosen subject if you do not intend to major in it?

The University of California (UC) school system is the most prestigious state university system in the United States, and includes nine undergraduate universities: UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC Merced, and UC Irvine. Total enrollment at University of California schools sits above 250,000, with each campus having around 25,000 undergraduate students.

News & World Report’s 2017 college ranking, most notably Berkeley and UCLA at 21.

Although it would be easy to list all the awards you have won in the activity you are best in, this prompt is looking for something deeper and more meaningful.

It is perfectly fine to describe an activity you are dedicated to, but also think about the character and personality traits that tie into the activity, such as tenacity, honesty, and compassion. Do you put in small amounts of practice every day, or strenuous hours for a couple short periods each year? How have you shown off your talent or skill to other people?

Therefore, do not be put off by this prompt if you are not in a traditionally “creative” role (i.e., artist or poet).

The prompt’s emphasis on problem-solving allows you to draw narratives from (seemingly) mundane everyday tasks such as creating a contraption to massage your tennis elbow.

Hence, avoid making essays school-specific (unless you are applying to only one school).

Afterwards, jot down bullet point ideas for the questions you for sure want to write about.


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