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My personal stance on the death penalty is that it is an outdated and ineffective punishment, serving no true benefit to society and causing more harm than good to society as a whole.When looking at the argument that the death penalty serves as a deterrent to others thinking about committing the same crime, we need only look to other countries around the world as examples to disprove this.Throughout the world, we are able to see that, in those countries where there is no death penalty, murders and other violent crimes happen at a much lower rate than in the United States.

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There have also been widely publicised cases of wrongly convicted individuals, who were either put to death or were awaiting their punishment, that were revealed to be innocent.

In the cases where the death penalty had already been carried out, it was too late for those innocent people.

In my point of view, capital punishment for the killers is the most appropriate step of the government, and the fear of death will be helpful in reducing the murder rate and the crime rate from the country The capital punishment or death by penalty is a clause developed in the penal code of the county, and the law is developed for punishing the criminals as by putting them to death as a result of their offense.

The topic is considered a highly debatable topic in the course of the legal framework and the opponents of the capital punishment consider it highly inhumane or immoral conduct.

If a person is not mentally capable of processing and understanding the actions they have committed, it is ethically wrong to execute them for this.

When looking at the ethics of capital punishment, it’s also essential to assess whether or not it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.Moreover, social fear would be developed for the criminals, and they would learn from the examples of others who are punished to death for any of their offense.One of the major benefits of capital punishment is that it protects citizens from an increased rate of crime and violence (Prejean).We can also clearly see that, in the United States, many people still commit these horrendous crimes, knowing full well that capital punishment exists.In the heat of the moment, when a person is not thinking clearly and logically, the existence of the death penalty and the possibility that they could be facing this punishment does not typically cross their mind, and cause them to alter their behavior.This is the most crucial statement being developed by a large number of opponents of capital punishment.But does it seem possible that we can make the criminals realize this fact that killing is wrong, and they will stop killing other people (Koch)?We would like to think that we have more compassion and humanity than those who have committed such horrendous crimes, and as such, we should demonstrate this by showing them the humanity they denied someone else, not by sinking to their level.The argument for or against the death penalty has been passionately argued throughout our nation’s history, with each side having their own strong viewpoints.But, as we try to hold ourselves as a nation to a higher standard than our worst criminals, we should at the very least allow our justice system to work as it should, according to the Supreme Court.And, nowhere in history has the Supreme Court ever advocated for the use of cruel and unusual punishment.


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