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Almost all colleges (and most high schools) will give you access to some great academic databases through their library website; databases are a great alternative to Google since most articles will be peer-reviewed and reputable.As a library worker, I have to say – try actually physically going to the library!

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Summarize the point you’d like to make, and explain how it supports your thesis.

Having strong topic sentences is helpful because it gives you a goal.

Now you probably know what most of the body of your paper will look like, which means you can write your official thesis statement.

An ideal thesis is strongly worded, straightforward, and tells your readers exactly what you’ll be arguing in the upcoming pages.

You don’t have to prove your thesis right then and there – you’ve got a whole paper for that.

You’ll also want to come up with topic sentences for each of your main supporting points.

The point of gathering all the different ‘parts’ of your essay before you start is making sure you can build a strong essay.

Each piece supports others, and eventually proves your thesis. There’s one more important step before you actually write that paper, though – formatting.

Ultimately, most papers are asking you to make a point and then prove it – either through analysis of materials you’ve gone over in class or with outside research.

Your instructor almost certainly gave you a prompt that told you what to write about. There may be specific materials you need to address, or further clarification on what your argument should be.


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