Poetry Essay Gcse English

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He is the author of The examiner doesn’t know you – all they see are words on the page!

In this session you will learn some foolproof strategies to help you write short stories and descriptions like a pro and get the grade you deserve.

Multi-award-winning poet, children’s writer and playwright John Agard will introduce and read selected poems from his collections.

He will discuss the meaning behind his words and answer questions from the audience.

If a line or word is isolated, this may be to emphasise it).

You also need to consider the rhyme scheme and the rhythm - whether the words / sentences flow or not...

Could also be what the message is or what type of poem it is (e.g.

love / war poetry) Language This is the poet's choice of vocabulary.

Structure This is the division of the poem into stanzas.

When analyzing the structure, you need to decide why the poet has divided the poem as they have (e.g.


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