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The arts and sciences It is when we go outside the professions altogether that we find the case for retaining the public sector in higher education the strongest.The private sector is not a presence much felt among the arts and sciences as these subjects do not always command high exchange value.

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But the answer to this malaise is surely not the privatisation of professional education, but to expect that these youth in question serve in India, if not in the public sector itself, for a brief period after graduation, in lieu of which they repay the cost of their education.

Versions of this principle are invoked in many parts of the world while we have not given much thought to the issue.

We have all read reports of professionals with dubious qualifications performing surgery or flying passenger aircraft.

The counterpart to this is the regulation of education.

State governments have chosen to look the other way for fear of hurting vested commercial interests and electoral vote banks.

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s incisive observation about India’s economy, that it is over-regulated but under-governed, especially rings true in the educational sector.

Similarly, one of the reasons for greater knowledge creation in public medical schools is that they often have large hospitals attached to them.

This enables the apprentice to learn by doing, arguably the best way to learn.

However, the associated argument often found, that the government should cease regulating institutions that it does not fund, is surely wrong.

The case for regulation in education is motivated by considerations no different from the concern for a patient’s well-being, which leads us to prescribe standards of medical practice.


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