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Coaching sessions are a safe space for you to process, and the goals of the coaching sessions are creatively generated by you through fun exercises of self revelation.

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This too was a notion dear to Assagioli: the ways to our true Self (or transpersonal Self, as he liked to call it) are many.

It is a renewed will: nothing to do with victorian willpower or authoritarianism, but will as mastery of oneself and the capacity to act in the world rather than be victim of circumstance – the common complaint of all neurotics.

Perhaps the most striking theme of psychosynthesis is the superconscious: the origin of our best intuitions, the most beautiful moments of our life, our higher sentiments such as joy, peace, unconditional love, and our creative ideas. For me, mud is alive and fertile, intimately connected with the flower.

After all, he was in the business, given that he was one of the first in Italy to be interested in parapsychology, leaving that field of research behind only in order to concentrate on psychosynthesis.

I have always been rather sceptical about communication with the beyond. Assagioli had been dead some months and had left a big void in his students and collaborators. In mentioning the conversation she had had with him, she said that Assagioli had advised her to read Emerson's essay on self-reliance.


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