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Stealing or using anything online that is not free or doesn’t belong to them.

Harming anyone – while it might not be as obvious as in the real world, cybercrime is not victimless.

Luke learns about Hydra, a network logon cracker program that automatically tries username and password combinations from a large list of known usernames and passwords to “lockpick” access to the target website.

Hydra frequently succeeds, because users tend to choose simple passwords and reuse them on different websites. At first he uses a list of usernames and passwords publicly available on the Internet, but once he succeeds in getting administrator access to a forum, he expands his list with the contents of the compromised forum database, which makes Luke more effective at hacking other online forums.

Operation Tar Pit and Operation Neuland are two examples of such operations.

Legal Disclaimer - Cyber Crime vs Cyber Security: What Will You Choose?However, they still need your help and guidance to make sure that they stay on the right path.Unfortunately, their talent could be exploited by cybercriminals rather than put to good use in the world of cybersecurity.Hacking - using RATs, DDo S attacks, stressers/booters to attack others is not just unethical, but illegal.Remember - your children might not be aware that their actions could lead to a criminal conviction.Once they are on the radar of law enforcement, their professional and educational futures might be compromised.Cybersecurity companies tend to avoid hiring convicted hackers, regardless of how talented and tech-savvy they might be.It is not unusual for teenagers and young people to get involved in cybercriminal activities at an early age.Some do it for fun without realising the consequences of their actions – but the penalties can be severe.In spite of what their friends tell them, law enforcement is always going to catch up with illegal online activity and identify the perpetrators.Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre is often coordinating operations involving such targets.


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