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Not just computers, but also new applications and new theories have significantly expanded the role of mathematics in science, business, and technology.

Students who will live and work using computers as a routine tool need to learn a different mathematics than their ancestors.

But there is much more to the root system of mathematics—deep ideas that nourish the growing branches of mathematics.

One can think of specific mathematical These diverse perspectives illustrate the complexity of structures that support mathematics. Mathematical Models from the Collections of Universities and Museums.

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“He just saw further than the rest of us.” The subject of this remark, cyberneticist Norbert Wiener, is one of many exceptional scientists who broke the bonds of tradition to create entirely new domains for mathematicians to explore.

The school emphasis on arithmetic and geometry is deeply rooted in this centuries-old perspective.

But as the territory explored by mathematicians has expanded—into group theory and statistics, into optimization and control theory—the historic boundaries of mathematics have all but disappeared.

Seeing and revealing hidden patterns are what mathematicians do best. “Ordering the Universe: The Role of Mathematics.” In Renewing U. Mathematics: Critical Resource for the Future, 117–162.

Each major discovery opens new areas rich with potential for further exploration.


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