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Male participants were more likely to share stories about financial security as well as sexual exploitation of girls and more often reported that girls were not protected enough.Despite these gendered perspectives, many of the shared narratives highlighted similar themes of financial hardship, lack of educational opportunities and safety concerns around sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

The report analyses the problem and considers responses to the problem to date and what more needs to be done.

Download PDF: Women in Ritual Slavery 2007 report 2012.

Anti-Slavery International, Maggie Black This report looks at the ritual slavery practices of Devadasi, Jogini and Mathamma in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in southern India.

These practices involve the dedication of young girls to a deity and their subsequent sexual exploitation by one or many men from the community.

Conclusions A complex myriad of factors contribute to early marriage including poverty, lack of educational opportunities and concerns about SGBV.

Sexual exploitation under the guise of marriage is a reality for some Syrian girls.

This paper argues that the levels of abuse, exploitation and control experienced by children as a result of child and early marriage can often meet international legal definitions of slavery and slavery-like practices, such as forced labour and trafficking. This report reviews the literature available on child marriage to show that a potentially high proportion of children in marriage are in slavery.

The paper calls for international institutions to explicitly recognise key incidences of child and early marriage as constituting slavery and slavery-like practices and take appropriate action to combat them as slavery abuses. Despite a good deal of publicity around child marriage its links with slavery have received very little attention to date.

Gender-specific strategies to address child marriage might be more effective in reducing this harmful practice.

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