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Fast Dynamic Binary Translation for the Kernel [ talk video ] Dynamic binary translation (DBT) is a technique with a wide variety of applications; innovative ways to employ DBT appear almost regularly in the research literature.

This paper explains how to perform DBT for an OS kernel efficiently even in the presence of high rates of interrupt and exception activity.

Automatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers How to automatically generate a peephole optimizer for x86 using brute-force superoptimization?

This paper has received significant attention since it was published.

It is almost like asking, how would the universe differ if the fine structure constant had a value of 0.00829 instead of 0.00729. For this reason, I think the paper is a very good fit for ASPLOS.

Even if architects do their best to think carefully about ramifications of their choices, this paper is an eye opener into a world of, probably, unforeseen consequences. And I think it should be a must-read for current and future architects (and not just narrowly from a virtualization point of view).As mentioned on ARC's wikipedia page, variants of this approach have been implemented and deployed in several systems.The primary advantage of CAR (CLOCK with Adaptive Replacement) over ARC is that it gets rid of the LRU lock, while retaining all the benefits of ARC.Both regular papers (up to 11 pages) and tool papers (up to 2 3 pages), are invited.In tool papers the first part (2 pages) should describe the tool and the second (3 pages) explain the contents of the demo that will be presented with examples and screenshots.Additional material intended for reviewers but not for publication in the final version (listings, data, proofs) may be included in a clearly marked appendix.Submitted papers must be unpublished and not be submitted for publication elsewhere.Papers must be written in English and be submitted in pdf in ACM SIGPLAN proceedings format, using the default 9pt font size.The proceedings will be published in the ACM Digital Library and will be made available freely for the period around the conference.Our current research is targetted towards generalizing and scaling the ideas presented in this paper.CAR: Clock with Adaptive Replacement This paper extends the well-known CLOCK algorithm for cache replacement (used in most operating systems) with ideas presented in previous work on Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC).


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