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Research Thesis In Education-42
Studying the lived experiences of teachers in Elementary can give first, to the policymakers. This can be basis for policy solutions to the dilemma such as how to ensure sufficient supply without lowering the bar, which would simultaneously upgrade the quality and attractiveness of the job and many other educational policies.

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One of the least recognized causes of these issues is the phenomenon where teachers are made to teach subjects for which they have little education or training.

This has been an important but long recognized problem in schools and in education in general (Cobbold, 2010).

1 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Rationale Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in shaping the learning and growth of students is the quality of teaching teachers provide.

However, making sure that classrooms are filled with qualified teachers is a perennial issue in many schools globally (Sen, 2010).

This impacts the learning of the students (United States Education Department, 2010).

In addition, apart from the problem in student learning as a result of having teachers, US studies reveal the reality of attrition.Prior research has focused on the match between the quantity of schooling and years of schooling required for the job.This paper will take a different look at the issue studying it and capturing the different experiences, struggles and triumphs of the teachers engaged in this particular phenomenon.In the Philippines, the existence of teachers who are not graduates of education is also pervasive.In other words, some of the subjects taught in primary and secondary level are taught teachers who have not undergone formal training for a couple of years.The latter made me more interested to delve into the topic, hence, the conduct of the study.An investigation of this phenomenon has the potential to influence policy transformation and education about recruitment and support strategies while focusing on the needs of teachers within the classrooms.Being a teacher myself, my passion to support teachers and aid them to reach their full potential within their classrooms motivated me to address this phenomenon. What are the difficulties and triumphs of teachers teaching in the public elementary schools? Drawing on the theoretical constructs of social field theory, I presented several pervasive discourses, or dispositions, as narrated the noneducation teachers.These discourses highlighted negotiations of conflicting fits during their teacher education field experience.Though few studies were done regarding this issue (Ingersoll Curran, Feng, Centre for the Future of Teaching and Learning, Mc Conney Price, 2009), which takes into account the prevalence of teaching, it is surprising that there were no accurate statistical data that reveal how great the number of teachers in the teaching field.This leads to setting the issue aside and giving training program for the said teachers.


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