Romeo And Juliet Fate Essay

Nowhere else does he very clearly attribute certain themes to the play before it has truly begun.No, Shakespeare used a prologue in Romeo and Juliet for a very specific reason.

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In other words, all the luck we experience during life means nothing in death.

Romeo even paints this as a source of great consolation.

This becomes even more apparent when Romeo, in his final lines, expresses that in the long-run, the only thing we can really rely on to occur in our lives is that we will all be taken by the “everlasting rest” and be brought back to dust through death.

Everything else: good fortune, health in life, happiness and success all fades away into nothingness when our final hour arrives.

Another lengthy passage is spent highlighting the many ways in which outwardly good virtues, such as love, loyalty and devotion can themselves “turn to vice, when misapplied.” Another lesson very relevant to the final scene where the protagonist’s love leads them into doingseveral terrible things.

Yet, the fact that Shakespeare uses the effects of fate as the sole reasoning the moral character, Friar Lawrence gives for the deaths, and also due to the emphasis he puts on the very imminent reality of this destiny, it can be safely concluded this was the predominant overarching theme Shakespeare wished for us to learn and therefore it was also the sole cause of the deaths.

as it was known at the time was a very popular ideology among the peasants (the major audience for Shakespeare’s plays) as they tried to account for their short and hard lives.

This is another reason why it is extremely clear that Shakespeare intended for the major lesson from the play to be the affect fortune has on lives; even unto death.

“Two star-crossed lovers will take their life.” How will it happen?

Through “misadventured piteous overthrows.” Or in other words, ill luck.


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