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Will they lead to new forms of programming and threaten existing programs and business Some new media technologies are independent of any new services but can nonetheless affect TV viewing behavior: for example, the remote control did not provide a new service as such but led to more channel changing and a different TV viewing experience for many people.In other cases, new technologies and new services are closely linked: for example, DVRs, which were designed to enable users to capture programs for later viewing, fast-forward through content, and provide instant replays.A third variation occurs when new technologies such as advanced digital cable systems provide platforms for the development of new services, such as VOD or interactive program guides.

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Television viewing patterns were not static over the medium’s first 60 years.

New technologies contributed to many of the changes that occurred.

Technology is one factor that can contribute to a more comprehensive assessment of television viewing.

What role does technology, especially new media technologies, play in the television viewing process?

Scholars have shown much interest in the impact of the current generation of new television technologies such as high-definition television (HDTV), digital video recorders (DVRs), portable video viewers such as advanced mobile phones and MP-3 players, and digital cable TV systems that support video on demand (VOD) and interactive program guides.

Room 101 Tv Adverts Essay

Do they fundamentally affect how people access, watch, and are influenced by television?

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The cycles of interactions among technology, behavior, and programs can continue over many years or decades.

At the beginning of the process, few observers can anticipate the longer-term effects of technological change.


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