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He feels he needs to stand up for the gay people considering people so often call him gay even though he is straight.So often many people think that being gay is a negative thing, I find that as a positive thing.

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The men wanted to make their relationship as a “de facto marriage,” but the judge refused.

At present, the issue of legalizing same-sex marriage is being discussed in parliament.

Many celebrities such as Anne Hathaway stated, “I’m not being brave; I’m being a decent human being.

And I don’t think I should receive an award for that or for merely stating what I believe to be true: that love is a human experience, not a political statement.” Anne feels that the brave people are the gay people not the people who openly say they support it.

Unlike same-sex marriage, where all legal norms of same-sex and heterosexual families are the same (including the issues of adoption of children), same-sex civil partnerships or same-sex civil unions are limited in legal rights.

Such restrictions are different and individual for each country, but they have common features: same-sex unions have the same legal rules on property rights and the right to inherit as heterosexual couples, but there are restrictions on adoptions of children, restrictions on artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood, and other forms of registration of union-marriage.Sutton wrote, “Marriage has long been a social institution defined by relationships between men and women.So long defined, the tradition is measured in millennia, not centuries or decades.Although discriminating and beating down someone for their lifestyle and who they love is completely and utterly wrong.According to Miami-Dade county circuit court Judge Sarah Zabel said, “Serves only to hurt, to discriminate, to deprive same-sex couples and their families of equal dignity, to label and treat them as second-class citizens, and to deem them unworthy of participation in one of the fundamental institutions of our society.” Judge Sarah feels that people not accepting gays are making them feel as they are a second-class.To date, six states and Mexico City have legally executed the decision of the Supreme Court and legalized same-sex marriage.Same-sex unions are recognized de facto in the following countries: Israel, Venezuela, China (since 1997), Hong Kong (since 1991), Japan (since 1980), Mongolia (since 2002), and North and South Korea.Matthew Morrison says, “I love gay people, so I’m not going to be insulted or angry by being called gay.As a straight man standing up for the LGBT community, I feel a sense of responsibility to make sure that people know that being gay is not a negative.” Many male actors are considered gay, Morrison who is straight doesn’t feel offended when people say he is gay.For example, in Israel neither gay marriage nor any other form of same-sex cohabitation is conducted.However, Israel recognizes same-sex marriages of its citizens who marry abroad.


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