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Since 2011 more than 100 students from Ohio University have travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland, to study history, urban planning, and sustainability.Using sociological conceptualisations of trust, most often considered in relation to adults, this [...] Read more.This article explores trust in children’s relationships with professionals in the context of safeguarding concerns.Full article This article explores trust in children’s relationships with professionals in the context of safeguarding concerns.With exception, existing research with children about trust in professionals often fails to unpick trust.A questionnaire in which participants provided self-reported responses was created to measure the constructs and structural equation modeling (SEM) and independent sample t-tests were conducted to test the hypothesized relationships.Our results indicated that consumers who know more about fashion brands are more likely to have stronger emotional attachment to their favorite fashion brand and brand love, in turn, has a significant effect on performing brand-loyal behaviors.We develop and extend the concept of geographical juxtaposition beyond that originally coined by Newman to include all immediate, local, distant, and remote environmental (physical) factors.Additionally, we demonstrate, by reference to practical criminological situations, the significant and extensive role of our revised concept of geographical juxtaposition.In the end, we conclude that an urban sustainability theme conjoined with a location abroad presents educators with an opportunity to communicate critical sustainability principles that would be difficult to replicate if students did not leave their home university. Hamish Kallin, University of Edinburgh, discussing the history of Craigmillar with students enrolled in the Edinburgh: City and Environment program (Photo by G. We argue the concept is a key foundation in understanding crime and crime prevention theories [...] Read more.This paper explores Oscar Newman’s Defensible Space (1972) concept of geographical juxtaposition (GJ) highlighting a significant lack of research within the criminological literature over the last 50 years.


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