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But how would you feel if I told you that I’ve totally figured out how to change that? Today, instead of talking about how to get a perfect 12 on the ACT Essay, we’re actually going to talk about how you can succeed at the universe’s all-time greatest school: Hogwarts.

Little-known fact: the 12 things you need to do to succeed at Hogwarts are Read on, future Griffindors, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs! Go talk to a snake or something.) So what can you expect from this post?

Also, make sure that your essay makes sense and is communicating your intended argument effectively.

Sadhvi is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, where she double majored in Economics and Media Studies.

Just to make it easier on you, here are links to some of the exciting places in this post where you can start your journey to the perfect ACT Essay!

Remember that, in addition to your ideas, organization and examples, the ACT graders will also evaluate you on your language use.If you do decide to take it, we have prompts and grading advice for you to use, as well as point-by-point guides to raising your score 2, 3, or 4 points.Finally, we’ll finish off by looking at a template for a 12-scoring essay.When you speed up, you will naturally change your approach a little, because you won’t have time to check your writing for the smaller details, as I mentioned above.But there are other more substantial changes you can make as you approach the rest of your essay.One thing you can do is develop your ideas for the remainder of the essay. Maybe your previous paragraphs has three supporting ideas for each topic sentence.To save time, include just one or two supporting details in your remaining paragraphs.We’ll look at an overview of the ACT Writing section, then go into how it’s scored and the skills it tests.We’ll compare the ACT Essay to the SAT Essay and help you decide whether you should take the ACT with Writing or without.The same goes for the remaining structure of your essay overall.If you used transitional phrases and sentences earlier in the essay, skip them for the rest of the essay.


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