Self-Assessment Model Essay

Self-Assessment Model Essay-31
Before coming to negotiation work shop I strongly believed that it is not easy to get achieve Win-Win or Win loss results at every negotiation.That’s made me more excited to attend this work shop.

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Work shop gave me an opportunity to look into many of my inherent skill and bring them out to be successful negotiator.

Also learn lot of new things like acceptable power level aspiration and knowledge are key component to be a successful negotiator.

My Strength before negotiation : My strength as a negotiator before workshop, which I think I am able to identify through this work shop is I think, acquiring information by research, under standing power level.

I think aspiration for some achievement, knowledge gained through research and communication skill are the source of my power.

Win-win strategy is what most professionals claim as their strategy when it comes to negotiation including myself.

My purpose of doing this self-assessment is to come up with an action trplan to improve my negotiation skills.

To move forward , to strengthen my negotiation skill, I have done self assessment that describe my strength and weakness before workshop and strength and weakness after work shop.

After that I will try to identify steps to over come my weakness.

Prior to negotiation, I always do my homework; I believe being well-prepared is the first step before any negotiation. Adequate information about the other parties at the negotiation table, their history, interests, aversions, and possible positions give me the power which comes with knowledge and confidence.

With regards to my negotiation skills, I am always positive when entering a negotiation.


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