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For children, having a twin means to have a reliable friend throughout their whole lives, a mate for sharing numerous jokes and playing games, or an invaluable assistant who would always come to help in the time of need.

Twins share many interests; they often form bonds that, due to their unique nature, are not possible in any other relationship and it lasts forever. The advantages of being a twin are especially evident in the early childhood years.

“In the early years, the twin children develop trust between themselves” (Safdarmehdi, 2012, para. Sibling rivalry is not such a problem because the kids form an attachment to each other from birth.

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A very positive thing about identical twins is that if they get along and they can help each other in some of life’s sticky situations.

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For instance, if one twin is sick, but just cannot miss an appointment, date or meeting, the other twin can replace them.Most twins, particularly identical ones, enjoy an exceptional and close relationship based on trust because of growing up together and having many more things in common than regular siblings.Additionally, as with any close relationship, emotions can run from love to hate, but the love between twins usually triumphs.Twins, especially identical ones, reflect each other’s images.In childhood, twins give each other a sense of security.The twins get married and become involved with their own new families.They do not worry as much about what the other twin is up to.Perhaps almost everyone has dreamed of having a twin in their childhood.It seemed to be so beneficial to have an identical copy of oneself that would think and act similarly.The following are decent examples of Persuasive / Argumentative Essays, designed to help you think about the form more deeply.They aren’t “slam dunk” essays that guarantee an “A”.


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