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Hence the income of these farmers is insufficient to give them a suitable standard of living; most of them are hardly able to provide basic necessities to their family.Farmers in Pakistan are busy mostly all year round sowing seed and reaping crops, however recently many farmers have had to look for alternate ways to earn incomes as rain fed floods have destroyed many crops and livestock on which their income is dependent.

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If the government takes these steps it could potentially improve the living standards of farmers, inhabitants of rural areas (70 percent of the population) and the contribution of the agricultural sector in the growth of the economy.

We all know that our backbone gives us support to our body.

Agriculture is not only growing food for people and animals, but also growing other things like flowers and nursery plants, manure or dung, animal hides (skins or furs), leather, animals, fungi, fibers (cotton, wool, hemp, and flax), biofuels , and drugs (biopharmaceuticals, marijuana, opium).

Many people still live by subsistence agriculture, on a small farm.

Pakistan is an agro based economy; the prosperity of the nation is dependent on the agricultural produce.

Therefore the role of the Pakistani farmer is very essential as Pakistan is known to be a land for farmers.

Farmers in Pakistan should be aided by government policies and efforts to make farming an occupation which is desired and to encourage farmers to be dedicated to their work.

This includes reclaiming land which has been claimed useless due to salinity by providing proper irrigation facilities, credit facilities should also be given to small scale farmers so they can adapt modern techniques and increase yield and income, the use of fertilizers, better quality seeds and plant production should be encouraged.

All of these problems faced by farmers reduce the yield per acre and make farming a difficult way to earn a suitable livelihood.

Pakistan’s Agricultural sector is one of its largest industrial sectors however it needs extensive restoration and development efforts to make it into a profitable one, as agriculture has great potential to contribute even more to the GDP than it already does.


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