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Short Essay Happy Family-18
When one of the family members makes the entire family life worse with such negative expressions, others may feel family as a disliked place to be.When parents fight before the kids, they are, in fact, teaching the kids with a wrong lesson of communication.

Experts say that family rituals are mandatory to maintain the relationships.

There are specific practicable family rituals same as religious or national.

When everybody in the family is considered equal it boosts the confidence, security feeling and affection.

Accept the opinions of everyone in the family when family related decision are taken and facilitate mutual respect among family members if you wish to convert your family into a happy family.

Find time to talk to each of the members and arrange activities for the entire family to take part.

Family prayers, cooking, watching television, outing etc., are perfect family activities to make a happy family.Living in a happy family is important to mould each and every human being into responsible social beings.Home and families are places where kids and elders live with a feeling of security and also places of sharing, love, care and concern.In a word, happiness is not based on material wealth. Families are the essential building blocks of any society and happy families make a happy society.Telling just the three words 'I love you' makes others understand the depth of your concern for them.Do not miss an opportunity to be affectionate with the spouse and kids.Everyone wants to live in a happy family as family is the place where human beings find the accomplishment of life.Modern families often face multiple relationship issues which have emerged as contribution of the changed lifestyle and les intense relationships. Some say a happy family is that family members stay together for quality time and they have a big, extended family.Some say a happy family is that the couple can have intimate communication and they have no connection with social status. Here is a quote from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, "All happy families resemble one another, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own fashion." What is your idea of a happy family?


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