Short Essay On Environment In Kannada

Deforestation, siltation, water, air and noise pollution, insanitation-all these are posing serious threat not only to the quality of life in India, but also to its basic survival.

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Man has caused many far-reaching effects on the environment over the years.

Global warming, pollution and the damage to the ozone layer are a few of the major things that can be heard about in the news.

The problem of water pollution is rampant in all thickly-populated areas, especially urban conglomerates.

No doubt water does possess a self-cleaning property, but there is limit to it.

The human tragedies resulting from unemployment may lead industrial societies to reconsider that, except for the dullest, most repetitive and painful tracks, human beings are better than machines-and certainly more creative.

If we are to cut ten trees to make a road, it should be imperative to raise twenty around to compensate the loss.

It is responsibility of the international community to protect the environment from pollution.

It is gratifying that some action is being taken, though belatedly, in our country to identify problems connected with environment.

It includes everything that is around, above and below us.

Air, water, plant and animal life is all included in the environment.


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