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Factoring this one is just a little harder, but the idea is exactly the same.

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Practice sheets with many problems will reinforce the concept.

Review the answers and related graphs before continuing.

Byju's Limit Calculator is a tool which makes calculations very simple and interesting.

If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number.

Teachers will find interactive resources, online videos, movies, games, worksheets, activities and formulas as resources for pre-calculus at: Mathbits.

Students who are provided with many examples and time to practice Calculus limit problems will find an understanding of the limit concept easy.

The limit theory should explain the limit of a , the function does not exist as the value x approaches 2, but the limit exists.

x→2 2 –x The limit exists as the graph approaches from the left side and right side of the function. This is the easiest method and should be tried first.

When you get $\dfrac$, the first thing you should try is factoring the numerator or the denominator.

Continuing with our example, let’s factor the numerator:\begin \lim_\dfrac &= \lim_\dfrac \ \ &= \lim_\dfrac \ \ &= \lim_[x 4] \ \ &= 8 \quad \cmark \end We 1. \begin \lim_\dfrac &= \text \ \ &= \lim_\dfrac \ \ &= \lim_ \dfrac \ \ &= \lim_\dfrac\ \ &= -\dfrac \quad \cmark \end2.


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