Solving Word Problems With Linear Equations

Solving Word Problems With Linear Equations-70
Then, we have 100x 25(63 - x) = 3000100x 1575 - 25x = 300075x 1575 = 300075x = 1425Divide each side by 75.x = 19So, the number of winners is 19. To be solved, a word problem must be translated into the language of mathematics, where we use symbols for numbers - known or unknown, and for mathematical operations.The sum of three consecutive multiples of 8 is 888.

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// information pieces start with '@', followed by // a single letter from , followed by ": ".

// v - variable - anything that may change on a click // variables must precede all other pieces // f - formulation - word problem with embedded variables.

Within this E-course, you will find a lot of word problems that will not only help as you study for your tests, but that will also help you in real-life situations. Let x represent the number of hot dogs sold and y represent the number of sodas sold. We know that our total for the end of the night was $200; therefore, it is our constant (C) in the equation.

Often times, text book word problems are pretty "far out"; however Algebra Class word problems are more realistic and easy to relate to every day living. You are running a concession stand at the basketball game. We also have information for the price of the hot dogs and the price of the sodas.

But how does one know what is important and what is not, what is essential and what can be dispensed with?

One simple approach to find out is to try changing the problem a small piece at a time.

Then, we have (5x 4) (7x 4) = 56Simplify and solve for x. 12x = 48Divide each side by 12.x = 4Age of John is5x = 5(4)5x = 20Age of David is 7x = 7(4)7x = 28So, the present ages of John and David are 20 years and 28 years respectively.

The number of boys is 8 more than the number of girls. 2x = 8Divide each side by 2.x = 4Number of boys is7x = 7(4)7x = 28Number of girls is5x = 5(4)5x = 20Total number of students in the class is = 28 20= 48So, the total class strength is 48. Then, we havex (x - 29) (x 26) = 1353x - 3 = 135Add 3 to each side.3x = 138Divide each side by 3. x - 29 = 46 - 29x - 29 = 17Age of Baichung is 20 years.

I know it's hard to imagine when you will need to use this skill, or even how to solve problems written in this form.

You will be writing these equations and solving them when you get to the Systems of Equations Unit.


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