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So therefore you would start with a random number and use every fourth number in that sample.In my case I numbered the counties in the north and south of England, there were approx 23 in the south, so I did the following equation: 30(the sample size I needed) / 23(number of counties approx) = 1.2 (approx). This meant I chose 1 postcode from each of my registered counties and from every 5th county I took an extra postcode.From the north I did the same equation but I used 20(approx) counties, so the equation this time was: 30(sample size needed) / 20(number of counties approx) = 1.5. This meant I took 1 postcode from every county and an extra postcode from every second county.

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I understand already that our theme is holidays and we will be given a set of secondary data. I am desperate to get an A* in my coursework and I need some help!

We have gone over some of the basics (that are not A-A* grades) like qualitative, quantitative, continuous, discrete, data logging machines etc.

I don't actually know of anyone who has got an A* in the stats coursework- in real life and the student room- so it's very rare.( Statistically for AQA this year more people got an A* in maths than for statistics) For me the coursework lasted for the entirety for the school day and I got one day to do it- your school might be different.

You should be giving sort of writing frame( I was)- Firstly are you on AQA?

The median is the preferred measure of average for a skewed distribution, and the South’s median is higher than that of the North’s median which shows that the house prices in the north are lower than that in the south, which supports my hypothesis.

Statistics is used by all of the sciences & social sciences to communicate and convey relevant empirical ideas.

Whereas inferential statistics concerns with making statistically significant generalizations about an entire population’s parameters, from just a sample.

It explores the science and art of Hypothesis testing and statistical significance.

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I'm in Year 10 and I'm going to start my statistics coursework next week which is very soon, however I honestly have no idea what we're doing.


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