Technology Privacy Issues Essay

Technology Privacy Issues Essay-62
Social networks have added a new dimension to the way that organizations search or investigate people.More and more employers and law enforcement agencies are using the sites for various search and investigation purposes.

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Have you ever gotten the feeling your being watched but don't know by who.

Its ok your not going crazy Quittner says in his essay "we submit to being photographed every day- 20 times a day on average if you live or work in New York City- by surveillance cameras."" Its creepy I know.

Users of social networking sites like Face Book, Instagram and Linked In are able to provide up-to-date commentary about the details of their daily activity from their smart-phones.

While social networks provide access to unprecedented amounts of information and a new medium of communication, they nevertheless provide challenges to the application of laws that have traditionally governed in the brick and mortar world; particularly, the application of privacy laws.

The person didn't do anything bad with it but Quittner realized that the person could have done real serious damage to him "he could have sabotaged my credit rating.

He could have eavesdropped on my telephone conversations or siphoned off my E- Mail.

Privacy policies should be improved and privacy laws should be enforced to regulate social networking searching.

One definition of privacy as it relates to social networking or other internet sites is defined as personal information that an individual deems important and unattainable by the general population.

Moral obligations should prevent many hiring managers who use social networking sites to seek information on job candidates.

The most used site is Facebook, followed by Linked In and My Space and Twitter according to a recent survey.


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