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This creates daylit communal areas that accommodate meetings and foster social interaction, while establishing physical and visual connections between floors.The long-span structural design not only opens up the interior, creating a column-free work environment, but also employs a highly sustainable architectural/mechanical approach to address the climatic and air quality challenges particular to Beijing.” A glittering glass lantern has risen in Beijing.If you get hungry, organizers say there will be food trucks on site (but also, also both ends of the Staten Island Ferry terminal have quick-service restaurants and bars).

Though it's based on a 2,000-year-old tradition that used to involve lighting a paper lantern and letting it float away into the sky, modern lantern festivals in China have definitely taken a turn for the artistic.

Some of the 40 LED-powered light scenes feature lantern sculptures up to 30 feet tall, sprawling over seven acres of Snug Harbor starting Nov. Yes, that’s in Staten Island, but if you like being silly, over-the-top holiday decorations and a photography challenge, the NYC Lantern Festival is a delightful way to spend a good hour or more outdoors — not something many places in the city can claim this time of year.

The two smaller buildings on either side reach heights of 275 feet and 220 feet and are covered in vertical grids of dark metal rods.

Related: Beautiful prismatic glass panels envelop SOM’s Beijing Greenland Center SOM writes: “The exoskeleton structural system forms an outer thermal envelope around the office spaces, which are enclosed within a second glazed interior envelope.

The client specified a modern and elegant building that, in the words of Poly executive Zhang Wei, would “make [their] company more famous.” The Poly International Plaza comprises three elliptical towers connected underground.

The eye-catching central tower is nicknamed the Diamond Lantern and rises to a height of 499 feet and is clad in a steel-and-concrete diagrid exoskeleton with angled glass.

The cutouts cast patterns on the walls and ceiling that really create a mood.

Each star has a hollow center which allows you to add a light bulb or hanging battery terminal and make your star lantern glow. Cohabitat's India Style home decor, includes furniture, tapestries, pillow covers, art, and decorative pieces.

If you are delayed for any reason inside the airport,while the drivr is waiting, please try to contact us either by phone or walking to the arrival to say a hello so that we can wait there even for more than 1 hour until your problem is resolved.

Note: Reconfirmation of your reservation is required in case any changes on your side one day before your departure either by email or phone call otherwise your reservation could be cancelled.


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