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But whether this prompt seems like it was made for you or just a total head-scratcher, we encourage you to dig a little deeper than your first thought.What about your history, experiences, perspectives, or talents might be worth highlighting for an admissions officer?

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Focus on the opportunities UT Austin offers across departments and how you plan to explore once you arrive on campus.

It’s normal to want to try new things at the start of college!

Your story should showcase your unique connection to your chosen course of study. By the end of your essay, your reader should not only know why you are passionate about your chosen major, but also what excites you about Austin’s program. Oh and a quick shoutout to all the undecideds out there: don’t worry!

If you can’t decide, then tell a story that demonstrates your wide range of interests or natural curiosity.

Try to isolate a single leadership moment, and bring it to life with vivid details.

Describe where you were, what was happening around you, and what you were feeling.As you sift through your “challenges” route, aim to showcase qualities like resilience, perseverance, or simply an ability to turn lemons into lemonade.Perhaps the long commutes on the bus between home, school, and your internship taught you about time management or inspired an interest in urban planning.The goal isn’t to craft a list, so aim to focus on one central story that describes an opportunity or a challenge.When brainstorming, on the other hand, we recommend writing the longest list you can think of: two columns or a Venn diagram documenting every hurtle or special chance you got throughout high school.As you consider your “opportunities,” keep in mind that your reflection on the event or opportunity that shaped who you are today will be a source of great insight for admissions.Maybe being fluent in Tagalog opened up a unique opportunity for you to start an online exchange between your school and a school in the Philippines.) that doesn’t appear elsewhere on your application.What opportunities and challenges were specific to your high school experience?The most memorable essays spring from concrete descriptions of your experiences. When was the last time you got drawn down a Reddit rabbit hole – and what was the topic?While you don’t need to pinpoint the exact moment you became interested in ancient history or calculus, try to zero in on some inspiring experience. The first time you spoke to your new friend in ASL?


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