The First Days Of School Essay

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Your writing was very clear, concise and kept my attention. Emily, that was so nice of you to write all that information and recognize my efforts.

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I circulated the room with a big box of goodies and students were able to cash in their $5.00 for several treats from the box.

I also asked how they managed to keep from losing such a small piece of paper.

In Indian schools, we didn’t use the technology we had. Since it was my first day, I was confused which hallway to use, but I managed to get to my classes without asking anyone. I went through the regular process of asking the teacher if I was in the right class. citizens have many opportunities but not everyone is using them.

She said, “It’s still fourth period.” “But the bell just rang,” I said. Every confusion seemed like an obstacle I had to get through to reach my goal. As time passed that year, I developed some friendships and started to love my school. Some people take them for granted, not realizing that other countries are struggling. So, I had more prior knowledge than most of the kids in my class, which gave me an advantage.

Using a student’s name creates a sense of familiarity. Not only did this encourage them to be responsible with what they are given, but it provided a fun, quirky story for them to tell at home.

Nine months later, 90 percent of my seventh graders still had that .00 when school ended.

My father decided that I would be better off going to school here, so I enrolled in the local high school in my new town. I was already confused because in India the teachers switch according to periods while most of the students have the same periods.

I had traveled a long distance from India in order to join my mother, who had been here for three years, hoping America would help my future. On the first day, I went to my second period class after I had missed my first.

With anxiety on one hand and fear on the other, I reached for the door knob, opening it slowly. Without paying attention to them, I went straight to the teacher and asked if this was the right class.

With a soft voice he answered, “Yes.” His voice comforted me a little.


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