Thematic Essay On Confucianism

Thematic Essay On Confucianism-64
The one who does not know never understands the reason behind the landscape.This answer points out the essence of Chinese garden art.

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During its origin and development, Confucianism has developed its own set of theories: ideas like “benevolence and righteousness” and “rite and music” developed by Confucius advocate justice and the doctrine of the mean.

In terms of politics, there are ideas like “rule of virtue” and “policy of benevolence”.

People would regard such aesthetic object as a symbol of beauty in virtue, in spirit and in personality.

Since ancient times, bamboos have been a symbol of beautiful things and noble characters.

The art of Chinese garden has a rich theme of ideas and a subtle imaginary, because of the rich aesthetic ideas associated with Chinese gardens and the profound Chinese traditional culture. The answer is: a good garden is somewhere between the knowing and the not-knowing.

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The one who knows understands why it is good and what they like or dislike.

The Book of Changes stressed that the three elements of heaven, earth, and man are based on man, and the harmony and unity between man and nature and between people is important.

Although man seems more important than nature, Confucianism does not consider nature as heterodoxy.

At the same time, they merge and collectively shape the course of development of Chinese culture, which is an epitome of the complementary feature of Chinese culture.

This article explains the ideas of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and how they influence Chinese gardens to offer a glimpse of the development of Chinese gardens.1.


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