Thesis Of Pulacayo Bolivia

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This was a fight started by the Bolivian bourgeoisie in alliance with the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (MNR).

But the revolution was virtually on its knees when a coalition between miners, the MNR and the POR saved the movement.

Irrespective of their alliance, be it with worker unions, the petty bourgeoisie, intellectuals or the military, people have strived for change.

Bolivia’s political landscape has been transformed by the 1952 National Revolution and the military coups that plagued the mid- to late 20th century.

Although MAS draws on socialist policies, the active members of POR aren’t convinced.

At the POR’s centenary celebration of the Russian Revolution, various worker representatives made this view clear. ’, an Aymaran farmers’ union representative yelled, convinced of the limited impact of Morales’s time in office.

However, despite the apparent unity and crowded attendance at the event, the POR is a party whose base comprises ageing academics, plays no political role today, hasn’t managed to renew itself, and still parrots Trotsky’s very same words.

The POR is certain of its goals (which haven’t changed since 1935 and include seeing Trotskyism come into fruition, following the example of the Bolshevik Revolution), but it is unclear whether the party can actually achieve them.

‘He has made it worse, he brought hunger and despair,’ he continued.

The MAS rose from the ashes of the Sánchez de Lozada government, which brutally suppressed coca farmers, miners and indigenous people.


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