Thesis Statement Against Gun Control

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And as many people have mentioned, with 300 million guns in circulation, regulation is largely futile; the focus should be enforcing current laws IMO.One of the great things about America is you can do things other people don’t approve of; that you can do things like shooting guns or flying just because you enjoy it.I realize planes are heavily regulated, I guess my point is that despite the heavy regulation there are still deaths and despite the low regulation of AR’s there are relatively few deaths compared to other weapons.If you are not promoting a broad fix to a social problem then you are promoting a narrow "headline" grabbing stance, then on to the next"headline". The reader says: In response to your notes on the AR-15’s I think the pro-AR or at least neutral AR position comes down to that despite the high profile shooting, the actual deaths from AR’s are a small portion of total deaths and the lawful owners of AR’s don’t see why they should be deprived of their rights due to the illegal actions of others.You, who do not shoot AR’s (or at all as far as I know) do not see these rights as important, and therefore see it as no big deal to take them away, regardless if it infringes on any rights, which you reject anyway.I realize that these stats are not apples to apples and if you include suicides and accidental deaths the AR might be as deadly or more deadly than private planes (although on a per unit basis, I would say owning a plane is far likelier to kill someone than owning an AR).But imagine if the government took these statistics and banned private planes and non-commercial aircraft. I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of reasons why flying is important and useful and banning planes would be a complete over-reaction, but I can also point out that the vast majority of people don’t fly private planes and do just fine (plus you destroy the environment and suck up gobs of government money with regional airports and below market landing fees).***I appreciate the reader laying it out in this detail.Here are two obvious differences in the plane-versus-AR-15 comparison, from my (no doubt biased) point of view: Number 1: small airplanes kill a lot of people, but .You would probably say that all may be true, but is not worth the deaths.The pro-gun response is that the deaths from AR’s are a small, small proportion of overall gun homicides, despite the high profile cases.


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