Thesis Statement For Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms

Thesis Statement For Persuasive Essay On School Uniforms-88
That is the reason why I disagree that school uniform should be abolished.

That is the reason why I disagree that school uniform should be abolished.

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I oppose the motion that ‘School Uniform Should Be Abolished’.

Students are in schools for educational purposes and not to show off their outfits.

Hence the wearing of school uniform can deter racial riot and promote racial equality that is one of the most important aspect in Singapore.

This is because when students are allowed to wear their choice of clothing, they may want to wear the clothing according to their races and religions.

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This shows that the wearing of school uniforms has more benefits than disadvantages and hence it should not be abolished as it promote equality and protects the interest of different races and religion. Overall it allows students to work toward academic success and should be abolished.

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Hence in turn decrease the crime rate in Singapore.

Students may just done bad acts out of playfulness.


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