Thesis Statements About Lord Of The Flies

Thesis Statements About Lord Of The Flies-38
Western society considers snakes to be bad omens because it was a snake that led Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge.

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We each choose to live by one or the other depending on how we feel is the correct way to live.

In this allegorical novel, William Golding represents the transformation from civilization to savagery in the conflict between two of the main characters: Ralph who represents law and order and Jack who represents savagery and violence.

In the beginning, human influence was starting to affect this uninhabited “Garden of Eden”.

Ralph, the charismatic and newly elected leader of the young boys’ parliament, is absolutely committed to civilization and morality, and is determined to make sure the boys survive and be rescued.

This is particularly clear through Golding’s word choice.

Jack talks about cutting the pig’s throat which makes it sound like a savage action and spilling her blood which reinforces the lack of care and feeling shown towards the pug’s carcass.

This suggests civilisation as Ralph is allowing each boy to have an equal say and opinion.

If they have the conch, no matter who they are or what age they are they will be given the chance to speak and will be listened to by the rest of the boys.

The human mind is made of up two instincts that constantly have conflict: the instinct to live by society’s rules and the instinct to live by your own rules.

Our civilized will has been to live morally by law and order, and our savage will has been to act out for our own selfish needs.


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