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Projects can be conducted at: You can make an appointment with one of the SERG group members to see what projects are currently open, or you can propose your own project, provided there is a clear connection with the research we conduct at our labs.

You can contact the following persons for more information: If you plan to conduct your MSc project at SERG, you will need to include at least two of the CS MSc courses SERG teaches in your IEP (Individual Exam Program).

The Primal-Dual Method of Multipliers (PDMM) is a new algorithm that solves convex optimization problems in a distributed manner.

This study focuses on the convergence behavior of the PDMM.

Global energy demand is on the rise while efforts are being undertaken to increase the share of renewables to the energy mix.

Even though, it is expected fossil fuels will remain an important contributor to meet this demand in the following decades.An overview of the CME students that already have been graduated can be found here.The thesis deals with the modeling and simulation of distance relays in ATP - EMTP.In this thesis, the displacement of a nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS) due to thermal energy is of interest. For students participating in the TU Delft computer science and embedded systems master’s programs we have several openings for MSc projects. They often are connected to one of our ongoing research projects, but we also frequently use MSc projects to explore new research directions.Optionally, you can start your research with a 7-8 week literature survey (IN4306, 10EC).This assignment is concluded with a report containing an overview of the state-of-the-art in a particular branch of research.Nevertheless, such a dynamic network also brings serious security issues to users, society, and even to the internet. Niche markets are essential for commercialization of radical new innovations.In a niche market, the innovation is protected while gaining maturity till finally being able to compete with the incumbent technology in the mass market.The thesis mainly focuses on the generic properties of research questions that are of relevance to practical problems.Examples of this are themes such as: Students are, of course, welcome to come up with their own thoughts on possible thesis subjects (in consultation with a lecturer) according to their own interests.


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