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The illustrious University of Iowa first offered writing classes in 1897 and began accepting creative work for a grad thesis in 1922.Its Writers’ Workshop followed in 1936, and with it came Iowa’s first graduate degree in writing.

The living wall also reduces the threat of airborne pollutants simply by creating a more esthetically pleasing environment.

The wall also saves energy by lowering the need to bring new air into the building.

is the poignant yet sprightly story of a family troubled by abandonment, accident, addiction, adoption, and death.

Centreing on the fraught relationship between Rachel — a cool-and-calculating actuary — and her half-sister, Emma, a poet songstress gifted with ESP, the novel moves between the "now" of funeral arrangements and the girlhood "then" of Etch-A-Sketch and Easy-Bake Oven, Wonder Woman and Harry Belafonte.

Two very different sisters, an unusual family, stardust versus accounting, astrology versus astronomy, rationalism versus mysticism...

The university was established in 2002 by a partnership of the University of Guelph and Humber College.

All doctoral students receive a minimum stipend of at least US,400 for the first three years of study. If you are applying from abroad, you should consult the department’s website to check whether you need to secure a faculty member before submitting an application.

Typically, in postgraduate research programs, you need to find a faculty member to conduct research under; otherwise, your research in your selected program won't be approved - especially for funding.

The tropical plants that thrive on the four-storey wall are exposed to nearly a full day of sunlight from the large windows and rooftop skylights.

The wall has an area of approximately 150 square meters and consists of roughly over 1,000 individual living plants.


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