University Of Leeds Geography Dissertation

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The website is the same version for every geography, hence no need for standardisation.

Each Simbound Instructor is free to adapt the experience to his/her requirements and they can rely on a global knowledge base Additional mentions: Simbound has been built from day 1 for the global market.

Simbound operates on a flexible, performance-based agreement with all its international partners.

We have contacts in France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Kenya.

I would say the input coming out from the UK has been negligible also because of the low level of activity Simbound has experienced there.

I think in the future, given we reach a satisfactory level of client interest, Simbound will be able to rely on more than just simple feedback and will seek expertise in core and non-core functional areas from UK based firms and individuals.The answers were used by a University of Leeds Student for his 2017 Dissertation who sought to research ways in which Simbound could operate in the UK Market of services in the context of Brexit.However, previous internationalisation strategies and other locations the firm operate in are highly relevant to this study also.Do you think there is a threat of new entrants into the UK market?Simbound is more cost-friendly and efficient in terms of learning outcomes than most other methods or resources out there.He said: “I was rinsing some n00b on FIFA when the email came through.My surprise at the email caused me to concede, something I’ll never be able forgive my tutor for.Do you offer different products in different locations?No, right now Simbound is offered as a unitary experience with the option to select different settings (language) and content (simulation scenarios).“He always was a bit of an eccentric character who may not have fully grasped how emailing works. “Sadly I doubt we’ll ever get a satisfactory answer to put all this wild speculation to bed.” After graduating from Leeds with a 2:1 in Physical Geography, Joe got a job as an intern at HSCIC in Leeds City Centre. Very intelligent, and fitted the standard geography lecturer stereotypes in terms of questionable dress sense and slightly lacking in social skills.” Joe’s tutor has been contacted for comment.To clarify, these questions are about the UK educational technology market for digital simulation games and Simbound's internationalisation into it.


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