University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire Application Essay

Our club had great success and we even received a local Rotary Club award.

After graduating from Rosemount High School in the Spring of... UWEC, I also studied abroad for about 5 months in Valladolid, Spain, where I was really able to enhance my Spanish skills, and gain fluency in the language. I do my best to interact with students in the way that best fits their needs.

The funding cuts were part of a controversial and sweeping two-year, $250 million pruning of Wisconsin’s university system by Governor Scott Walker and fellow state Republicans, and were passed alongside the continuation of an existing tuition freeze.

Academics nationwide have been largely condemning the removal of tenure from state statute, also approved this budget cycle (tenure remains in effect through the University of Wisconsin System rules), and debating assertions by Walker that colleges should focus more on job training and less on humanities.

Travel and culture are some of my passions, and living in Europe helped bring those passions to life. I have a lifelong love of teaching and helping students achieve their educational and future career goals.

It is always important that each student maximize his or her personal potential. ...matter how many times you have tried and not succeeded in the past, you still have the opportunity to prevail.

As much of an operational headache as the cuts are, Schmidt said they’ve had just as big of a negative impact on campus morale.

Schmidt said his priority in mitigating the cuts was to ensure morale didn't dip too low, and not to let the cuts have an outsized impact on academics.

...experience teaching Spanish at the Middle School and High School levels has given me great experiences for working with Varsity Tutors.

Whether it is teaching Spanish or running Grandma’s Marathon, I always give my all.


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